Charley Honeycutt Rehab Deal


Charley Honeycutt Rehab Deal

CHC Equity Group, LLC in Dallas, TX
Charley Honeycutt with Cheryl Honeycutt

We originally found this deal through a wholesaler who was asking $360,000. I went to view the property with the wholesaler and arrived first. Upon arrival, I met one of the owners and gave him my card. Everything fell apart with the wholesalers deal and our offer of $320,000 was rejected by the wholesaler. The owner reached out to us a month later and we closed the deal. This house was a full gut remodel with extensive foundation work. We moved walls, created rooms rewired and replumbed the entire house.

Rehab Details

Property City: Dallas
Purchase Price: $313,000
Repair Costs $135,450
Holding Costs: $65,193
Sale Price: $620,000

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Case Study

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We followed the original estimator, used the FB Scope of Work and followed the general guidelines of pay after the work is completed, which was a save for us because our original electrician was doing sub-standard work and was caught by the city building inspector. It was necessary to terminate the electrician and hire a new electrician. Our estimated timelines were extended due to inspections and rework but we were ultimately profitable.

Before & After Photos