Travis Klein Wholesale Deal


Travis Klein Wholesale Deal

Zeus Property Solutions, LLC in Jacksonville, FL

This deal came to us via a wholesaler. One afternoon, we were checking our email, ran the numbers in the deal analyzer, and they made sense as a flip. We locked up this deal ASAP. We did run into some challenges because our inspection was the day of closing (07/28/21) and we discovered the tenants were clueless about the transaction. We closed on the deal. Later, we met again with the tenants and discovered they were in no shape to move. Long story short, everyone was blessed and a landlord wanted to purchase the rental with the tenants. We are set to close 09/10/21.

Wholesale Details

Property City: Jacksonville
Purchase Price: $71,000
Sale Price: $78,000

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Case Study

How did the FortuneBuilders team and resources help you to accomplish this deal?

I reached out to coach Tammy & Wayne on this one. They were INVALUABLE! I had my homework cut out for me. Did a lot of research on the FL Tenant Landlord Act, learned the eviction process, my rights as a landlord, rights as a tenant, and a new appreciation for those who manage properties without a manager lol.