Ray Evans Rehab Deal


Ray Evans Rehab Deal

Mule Town Property Solutions in Ethridge, TN
Ray Evans with Lori Evans

This property was a foreclosure that had been vacant for 4 years.I found through my Zillow app the day it was listed.I used the listing agent and an escalation clause to squire the property.It was too “rural” for my HML but I thought it was a great deal,so I funded this one with a HELOC and 2 credit cards.First time rehabbing a manufactured home,I learned that it they are over 20 years old they will not go conventional and FHA requires an engineers foundation inspection which I failed because the codes had changed and Tie downs were now required. I still sold it for ALL-CASH.!

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When I figured out it would not finance,I decided to sell it myself for cash.I used a local closing company that has worked with me in the past and used the Fortune Builders purchase and sale agreement and wrote the contract myself.I still profited almost 27k

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