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Steven Fekete

Indianwood Investments, LLC in Columbus, OH
Steven Fekete with Beverly Fekete

The home was purchased from another Fortune Builders Mastery Student, Eye Homes of Columbus, Ohio as a wholesale purchase. The house was part of a probate purchase. The house we in good condition and only required a $15,000 of rehab taking our overall investment including the acquisition and wholesale fee to be $100,000. The house is currently leasing for $1,400 per month. The rehab consisted of painting the entire inside, upgrade the kitchen with a few new cabinets, new flooring and appliances. The current tenants were referred to us by one of our previous tenants, which is very common since we treat our tenants very well.

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I did not use the FortuneBuilders corporate team but used my contacts and relationships I made through being part of the FortuneBuilder's community to develop the relationship with Esteban who I purchased this property.