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Vitto Pasko

Premier Property Redevelopment Group in Shrewsbury, PA

A subcontractor/friend brought this deal to me. A family member had passed and they were overwhelmed with cleaning out the house as it was not in marketable condition. After forty years of living in the home, the previous owners accumulated a lot of personal belongings in their home, and rodents were living in the basement. We helped them reduce stress and the emotion of cleaning out the home by purchasing the house with cash. We added a bathroom in the basement to bring this house to two full baths and three bedrooms. We rehabbed the kitchen, bathrooms, and all other living space that includes new roof, HVAC systems, windows, doors, and light fixtures. What made the rehab unique was during construction, we found bad sewer line in the basement. In order to fix this, we had to dig up the concrete floor to replace it. It sold in three days.

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By communicating in my network, it helped me procure this deal. I also utilized FortuneBuilders systems and strategies in marketing and helping my business grow. Additionally, in leu of listing myself, I let a realtor who had brought me deals in the past list the property, in order to help strengthen the relationship and save me time.

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