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Jonah Stevens

Viking Management Properties, LLC in Hollywood, FL
Jonah Stevens with Sayam Ibrahim & Xavier Ibrahim

This was a great package deal that we acquired through a connection with a wholesaler we have a relationship with. It consisted of 38 single family properties in Ohio, 33 of which were already tenant-occupied and cash-flowing. We purchased the deal for $850,000.00, which is less than 24k a property. We're putting about 10k into each property, primarily the exteriors to beautify them with some minor interior upgrades, to add value. We're also going to increases the under market rental income, over the next few months. The ARV of this deal is $1,860,000.00. We're going to refinance out of our HML/PML loan with a traditional long-term mortgage to stabilize the properties and cash-flow as passive income assets.

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