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A very high profit four property Double-Close wholesale deal! All of the houses had been vacant for many years. One of the properties had been condemned by the city, this is what put these properties on my radar. The mailing address was a P.O. box addressed to the Estate of the owner. Multiple mailings were sent, no mail was returned and no response. No quitting here! One day, when I was in the area, I went to the house next door and spoke to the neighbor. The owner knew the people who had been cutting the grass of the condemned house. Bingo! She was able to get the estate representative's contact name and phone number for me! I contacted the representative for the estate to negotiate the deal. It took some time, but well worth the effort! Funding was done with a private lender. No repairs were made. What made this deal unique is that I had no idea that there were multiple properties involved until I spoke to the representative for the estate.

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If you go through the curriculum, go to the live or virtual boot camps, get coaching, commit to YOUR business and TAKE ACTION. There really is no magic to this business. Here are some of the "Ninja tips" that I have learned along the way. Ninja tip #1: Check with your local city and find out if there is a list of condemned or blighted properties. Our city actually has a list on the city website! Ninja tip #2: Check your local county tax assessor site and search the owner name, you can see other properties that are owned by the same owner. Ninja tip #3: Talk to neighbors! (Or leave a note and a business card on their door if they do not answer) They love to talk about their neighbor's house, especially if it is distressed and/or vacant! They WANT you to buy it and see it fixed up to improve the value of their house! Step out of your comfort zone and CRUSH IT!!