Thanksgiving Marketing Strategies For Real Estate Investors

Thanksgiving, like many of the holidays around this time of the year, is a time to reflect and remain thankful for what you have. Take this time to appreciate the friends and family you will be surrounded by, as they are the most important investment any entrepreneur can make. Tomorrow will be a day in which many can forget the challenges of the real world and focus their attention on what really matters. However, those investors intent on succeeding in the New Year may want to consider setting a small portion of their day to focus on their business.

In the midst of celebrating Thanksgiving, both real estate agents and investors can use this time to establish a relationship with individual clients and a working rapport with industry professionals. Investors, in particular, are advised to distribute Thanksgiving greeting cards to anyone relevant to their business. While cost-effective and sentimental, Thanksgiving greeting cards can reach individuals on several platforms. They will facilitate a targeted marketing campaign without the feeling of coming off too pushy on this special day of thanks.

While these greeting cards are indirectly intended to act as a subliminal business card, they are not to appear as such. Investors need to be careful how they portray their business and message. Remember, the primary purpose of these cards is to extend your greetings with the individuals that matter to you. Make sure the message on the card is one of appreciation and not a mode of sale. Coming off as a salesman can do more damage than good, especially on a holiday. Instead, let the individual know you are thinking about them and discretely place your contact info and name on the card. This simple gesture can have a very big impact on recipients. Those who remember the effort you put forth may reciprocate their business in the future.

You can also try to insert open house dates on these cards with an aim to give clients or prospects an idea of the events they could participate in. Greeting cards could also act creatively as brochures, or flyers. Think outside the box and your clients will be more inclined to remember who you are when they consider selling their house.

Despite the unique circumstance Thanksgiving provides real estate investors, tomorrow is only the beginning. The entire holiday season is ripe with opportunities to take advantage of. The theory behind a Thanksgiving greeting card can be applied to both Christmas and the New Year. Just be sure to focus on the positive atmosphere generated during the holiday season. Tweaking marketing systems that you already have in place can enhance your networking capacity and help you get ahead of your competition in 2014.