It’s Time for Your 1st Quarter Check Up

We are 3 months into 2012, what have you achieved through real estate investing so far?

Have you achieved all of the real estate investing goals you set for yourself?

If not, why? What have you been slacking on? What is it that you haven’t made time for that is critical for helping you hit your goals? What isn’t in place? Are you still stalling and haven’t invested in that real estate education course or is it that you have failed to get your blog or marketing launched right or have you allowed yourself to get caught up in the busy work and failed to implement systems and automate?

What are the top 3 most critical items that need to get done in order to make sure you reach your annual goals or at least get back on track before the end of this next quarter? Block the time out to accomplish these tasks next week. No excuses let the calls and emails wait. Get these things done.

Will your current path really take you where you want to go? Where are your goals and roadmap anyway? Are you still looking at them every morning and every night? Maybe that is the problem…
Already blazing through your real estate investing goals? Then you have a second to brag about your successes in the comment box below or at least inspire others.

However, maybe it is time to up the stakes. Keep challenging yourself to new heights. Maybe you hit your first million. That’s great. Congratulations but you are probably going to need a lot more than that if you want to retire someday.
Forget just retiring in comfort. That’s nice but why not build a real legacy and do something amazing through real estate investing?

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