Time Hacking 2.0 for Real Estate Investors

Do you find yourself in need of more free time? Have you tried all those time management books and looked up every new productivity app to no avail?

If this sounds like you, here are two easy ways to get more done in less time and find the free time you crave:

1. Stop Being Manipulated By Others

Take a serious inventory of your time usage and no doubt you’ll find that you and your team are being controlled and manipulated by many others.

This problem ranges from sales people to clients; all of whom are trying to dictate what you do, when you do it, and all for their own benefit. In some cases going above and beyond to serve up what highly profitable cusomters want can pay off. However, the majority of the time you are being swindled and cheated out of life (as is your family) by those that want to impose their own timelines, deadlines, goals and agendas on you for their own benefit.

Their version of ‘urgent’ shouldn’t always be yours. Take control and prioritize your own goals first.

2. Advanced Accountability

Despite all of the best intentions in the world, you are unlikely to stick to your ideal schedule and those blacked out slots of time to take off unless you install real accountability measures.

You can try using handy apps like Google’s new Keep or Rescue Time, but what is going to make you stick to those goals and really get things done on time?

Studies have consistently found that fear of pain is a far stronger motivator than desire for pleasure. So try reversing your incentives, like booking a vacation well in advance and paying for it upfront, so that if you don’t get all you need done first or don’t take the time off you’ll lose a hefty sum of real cash.

A new innovative website StickK.com has taken this even further by having users make commitment contracts, hiring a referee to keep on top of them and putting money on the line they will lose if they fail to keep to their commitment. Real estate investors can use this strategy to create motivation by planning to give away money to a designated charity if they fail.

By using these strategies you will be able to start doing more of the other things you love, and enjoy the bandwidth to actually enjoy your real estate investing profits in no time!

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Real Estate Investing Strategies
Real Estate Investing Strategies
Real Estate Investing Strategies
Real Estate Investing Strategies
Real Estate Investing Strategies
Real Estate Investing Strategies