Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate
Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate

Time Management Tips For Your Real Estate Investing Business

Written by Than Merrill

Avoid Meetings
Lengthy meetings are one of the biggest time wasters that will suck the momentum out of your real estate business. There isn’t much you can’t handle with an email these days. Every hour is an opportunity for you to be making thousands of dollars flipping real estate, so if you can do it by phone or preferably by messaging then you must. Don’t let others drag you down with meetings either, your time is too valuable.

Automate everything you can with efficient systems and tools. Set things up once, test and tweak them and then find an automation tool that will do it for you. For email campaigns and follow up this means auto-responder systems like Constant Contact, Get Response or AWeber. For getting more followers on Twitter consider Tweet Adder and for syndicating your content and monitoring your metrics check out is an innovative tools from social bookmarking site Stumble Upon that allows you to instantly add your posts to Facebook, Twitter and Stumble Upon with one click and pulls all of your analytics together in one place. You can cut through all the advertising noise and find the best systems and tools quickly by getting your hands on a quality real estate investing education course from those already using these types of marketing channels.

Delegate, Delegate, Delegate
It only takes as little as 1-5 hours of actual work time to flip a property from start to finish. Work out what that means to you in terms of hourly pay. Is it $500 an hour, $5,000 or may be even $50,000? If a task you are working on isn’t going to pay off that much then, why are you doing it yourself? You can now find a huge array of high quality, well qualified outsourced staffing solutions and freelancers that can handle almost any task you can think of. Not sure where to start looking? There are now many professional outsourcing platforms like where you can find reputable and reliable team members with real estate investing experience at a fraction of the cost you would pay locally.

Highest & Best Use
In order to realize the full potential of your real estate investing business you must always be demanding the highest and best use of your time and that of your employees as well. Ask yourself regularly throughout the day whether the task you are working on is really the highest and best use of your time and abilities. Is it the top task that will help you bring your real estate investing business the most money, the fastest?