Tips For Launching Your Social Media Marketing

by Chris Musial

You may be able to build a profitable real estate investing business without social media marketing. Certainly some of the greatest investors of all time never had social media networks in their most successful periods. However if you really want to enable your business to last for the long run, maximize profits and ROI and allow it to reach it’s full potential then you do need to include social media marketing as one of your core marketing strategies. It doesn’t matter whether you are wholesaling, rehabbing HUD foreclosures, building a portfolio of rental properties or flipping land and lots, every real estate investing model can benefit from social media.

If you have no clue how to use social media and how to market your real estate investing services through it don’t worry you are not alone. While you certainly shouldn’t strive to be the master of everything you at least owe it to your enterprise to grasp a basic knowledge of how it works, what you should be doing with it and how it is being used by the most successful investment companies. This will at least enable you to make sure anyone you hire to help out is working in the best direction and will keep them honest.

One of the biggest decisions most face is the decision whether to outsource the many individual aspects of social media marketing from fan page creation to content and monitoring statistics to freelance providers under their direct supervision or to give everything to one company that can handle everything for them. This is really comes down to a personal preference. Outsourcing and managing individual factors of your campaigns can be more time consuming, though it also makes sure you are tied into everything that is going on and makes sure you know exactly what is being published on your real estate investing company’s behalf. While social media marketing companies often deliver completely turnkey solutions you can expect to pay a premium for the luxury and still need to keep an eye on them to ensure they are keeping up the quality and protecting your brand.

Its true that you can do a lot of social media marketing for free all by yourself, but in the long run this will take away from more profitable uses of your time actually flipping homes.

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