Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate
Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate

Top Cities for Jobs & Real Estate in 2013

Written by Paul Esajian

Where are the best cities for real estate investing in 2013?

While the U.S. housing recovery has been marching on and spreading from coast to coast, jobs have continued to be a major dampener on growth and moving forward into the new boom. There has been some positive traction in job numbers, but many experts point to this as the one factor that really needs to take off for a full rebound and era of 50-100% growth in home values, even in sizzling markets like Phoenix, AZ.

The good news is that there are pockets of the country anticipated to see major job growth in the year ahead. Many would subsequently also point to these as the best real estate markets for hot home price growth over the next two years too.

So where are they? A recent report from AOL News forecasts the best job growth in the following 10 U.S. cities for the year ahead…

Top 10 cities for jobs and hot housing and their expected net employment gains in 2013:

  1. San Jose, CA 23%
  2. Portland, ME 23%
  3. Salt Lake City, UT 22%
  4. Tuscan, AZ 22%
  5. Des Moines, IA 21%
  6. Poughkeepsie, NY 21%
  7. Richmond, VA 21%
  8. Minneapolis, MN 20%
  9. Bakersfield, CA 19%
  10. Houston, TX 19%

Those already wired into the data are no doubt aware that most of these cities have already been posting high double digit home price gains over the last year as well as dramatic increases in home buyer activity and cash transactions.

Of course there are others to watch for jobs too such as Grand Rapids, MI, Chattanooga, TN and Miami, FL all of which have various trends emerging that could create big job growth.