Venture Capitalists Need You to Take Their Money

The funding game is changing and from venture capitalists to angel investors and private individuals with sizable savings, those with the cash to invest are growing increasingly hungry to hand out their money.

Will you strike a great deal that fuels your real estate investing business for success in 2013?

The tide is turning on venture capitalists and other cash rich investors. The ‘Shark Tank’ may still paint a harsh picture of what it’s like to get your venture funded but the reality is that real estate investors are quickly gaining the upper hand in the battle for capital.

Heavy weight VC’s may be slow to admit it but they are increasingly realizing that they might soon need entrepreneurs more than they are needed. Those with bigger pockets need places to put their money to work and ventures that will be profitable. At the same time the web, crowdfunding and the booming housing industry is enabling startups and solo real estate investors to grow their businesses rapidly without the need for these often greedy sharks.

Rolling into 2013 there are investor groups all over the country eagerly looking to invest and loan their money on projects and even the Wall Street Journal has publicly been promoting private mortgage lending as an attractive option.

Today everyone is recognizing the advantages of real estate investing as the hot ticket to above average returns, while few non-real estate startups ever make it to profitability. Those flipping houses and especially those working the proven Fortune Builders’ system have a great advantage and make a far superior investment for those looking to loan or invest their capital.

This is the time for sharp real estate investors to strike an attractive deal if they want to take on funding to boost their ventures in 2013. Providing you offer a great opportunity and can serve up the wealth protection, regular income and opportunity to be a part of something special your backers will enjoy bragging about to their friends. There shouldn’t be any reason you can’t get the capital you want on your terms.