Andres Rendon Victory


Andres Rendon Victory

Lucid Property Solutions LLC in Miami, Florida
Andres Rendon with Juan J Morales

Type(s) of Victory: Reached a personal goal, Reached a business goal, Did something on my bucket list, Found another income stream, It was just awesome

We closed on our first property!!! Keys in hand!!! This was a deal that we purchased from a new active wholesaler who i met at a networking event only a few months ago. This was almost a 5 month process to get this deal closed due to a Mystery Mortgage that came up during a Lien search. Court ordered to resolve at 10% of the face value of the old mortgage which equated to $8,700 for the seller to pay. We bought the investors (wholesaler) contract position for $20K. This property was under contract for $185K which brings my final price to 205K. ARV based on Realtor/Broker local comps, and several other real estate professionals (inspector/contractor/lender/realtors/etc). We estimate 375K - 415K. We have a Hard Money Lender and a 2nd Mortgage. Our Net Profit is estimated and soon to come... Stay tuned... ->LPS signing out

Shout Outs & Testimonials

I would like to thank my coach for all the great tips and behaviors he taught me - Mr. Dave Augustine. I would also like to thank Ammon Brimhall for helping me through the DEAL REVIEW. He asked thorough questions to validate the progress and offer suggestions on best practices. He approved that this was definitely a solid deal and i should close. Next day Friday was my, closing! Additionally, I would also like to thank the FB Marketing and Wholesaling Bootcamp in Chicago. Than and team were fantastic, very informative and detailed. So yep... thats my shout out.

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