Andrew Driscoll Victory


Andrew Driscoll Victory

Expedited Property Solutions, LLC in La Grange Park, IL
Andrew Driscoll with Andrew Driscoll

Type(s) of Victory: Reached a business goal, Implemented a marketing campaign, Started using a system, It was just awesome

I got so fired up from these past four days! Coming back today on the train, from the St. Louis Wholesaling Boot Camp, I set up seven direct mail campaigns. The networking was great as well, and I entered all the information from all the business cards into Realeflow. So I am already building my buyers list too!

Shout Outs & Testimonials

I ran into Than in the hotel hallway, and told him a bit about my struggles about trying to land deals. He was very positive and reassuring, and said that in two years, I'd hardly be able to remember a time when the deals weren't rolling in steadily. Thank you, Than, for the booster shot, I was very much needing! Jeff and Than did an awesome job with the Wholesaling Boot Camp, thank you!

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