Cornelius Cummings Victory


Cornelius Cummings Victory

CG Home Solutions LLC in Grove City, OH
Cornelius Cummings with Theresa Cummings and Lexi Goins

Type(s) of Victory: Helped someone in Mastery, Found another income stream, It was just awesome

So excited that we have finally been able to Private Money Lend to one of our family members in Fortune Builders! Its the first financial move we've been able to make in this business but really helped keep our head up and keep us motivated to keep pursuing our own properties.

Shout Outs & Testimonials

We have had so many positive experiences with those in family. I truly feel a connection with so many but Estaban and Erika Saldarriaga have truly been a positive and inspirational motivator for us. Lonnie Freeman with Blue Chip Development and Austin Rutherford with Right Property Group are more than awesome. We appreciate everything they are doing in the communities and its exciting to watch their success. Thank you all for helping us keep our hope alive!

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