Daniel Ashley Victory


Daniel Ashley Victory

Allegiant Group, LLC., DBA-GL Home Buyers in Oak Grove, Missouri
Daniel Ashley with Stacey Ashley (Wife) Kids-Dustin, Julian, and Noah

Type(s) of Victory: Reached a personal goal, Implemented an individual system, Found a great team member

Hello Fortune Builders Family. After a long climb up a mountain, we have made it to a ridge. We hired our 1st full time employee on Monday and has already paid off. Not only do we anticipate it to take a little load off, we have an extra determined person to raise motivation and guide, follow, push, pull our our family's journey to the top. Today, we signed a contract on our second wholesale deal in Grandview Missouri and due to networking, have several interested in the property already. It appears to be an awesome deal with $10.00 on the table with a profit of about 12K anticipated. This is the start to our second year of buying. We are so excited about where were are in our business and are excited to keep climbing. DO NOT, give up ever. Without taking action, action will not occur.

Shout Outs & Testimonials

***Attention Fortune Builders family, especially the coaches. Paul, Than, JD, Conrad, Patrick, and our close friend Bob Lachance. Bob, thank you for being there. You are more than just a coach at this point. You have gone above and beyond coaching and have inspired us more than you know. You have listen to and guided through what I hope was the end of hard times. Even know I had a lot of stress when we went through the bad contractor, you reminded me that it was just business and to move on. Basically, close that door and run to the next. You told us to take action and we did. You believed in us from the first day we met. I remember you, Conrad, and who ever else was there pulling me aside at the bar. You told me you knew we were going to do great and said you wanted to be our coach, and I new then you had our back. Thank you is not enough to say; but, "thank you Bob and FB" It means everything for my family to live a weird life unlike normal people who have no plan for life. Now, with all the inspiration you have provided, hold on to you seats because we are "Crushing It". Three full renovations sold at or above full price, one pre-hab (SOLD), one wholesale (SOLD) and several contracts in the making. To top that, several new lenders, student loans for FB paid in full, and another full time hand. It's ON. It won't be long before i am sending the request to be a coach.

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