Dustin Royer Victory


Dustin Royer Victory

RAMS Investing in Franklin, IN
Dustin Royer with Jason Royer

Type(s) of Victory: Paid it forward somehow

I recently had the opportunity to help out a seller in ways that I never thought possible. I put a property under contract for $35,000 and after running title found out that he had a large judgment ($100,000 + from a previous bankruptcy) and a delinquent loan with a payoff of $18,000. The seller had stage 4 cancer and didn't have much time to live. He owed money to many people for his medical bills and needed the house to sell badly. I thought the deal was dead from the beginning but I stuck with it. Through about fifty phone calls with Wells Fargo and Chase, we were able to negotiate the judgment to $1,000 and Wells Fargo completely forgave him of the $18,000 line! I was able to put $34,000 in his pocket and created a new friend in the process. The deal.... Well, that's another story that I'll share when we finish it. As far as I'm concerned, I already won.

Shout Outs & Testimonials

The encouragement and persistence of other Fortune Builders members and coaches, along with training, helped me to not give up and keep this deal alive.

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