Eric Schwarm Victory


Eric Schwarm Victory

Vista Home Solutions LLC in Beaverton, Oregon

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Last night I submitted my resignation to my employer of nearly 9 years. The letter went like this (names omitted): "February 16, 2014 Ron It is with both excitement and sadness that I write this letter. I have a great opportunity to strike out on my own as a partner in a fledgling real estate investment company. (Employer name) has provided a great opportunity for nearly 9 years, to grow in my career in sales. You have all been great employers allowing me to express myself as close as is possible to being an independent business person with the support of a great small company. I can’t think of many opportunities that would give me the ability to provide as much input as we are able to help shape a company as does (employer name). In the end, though, it’s not MY destiny I am shaping. What still burns inside me is to have the opportunity to create my own source of wealth and shape my own destiny through my own business venture. I have had a passion for real estate for as long as I can remember. I am providing a minimum of four weeks’ notice, effective today. That being said, I don’t want to leave (employer name) “high and dry” in the territory I have dedicated years to develop. While I need to move on with new responsibilities in this new chapter of my career, I am willing to discuss options to phase out of my responsibilities with (employer) to allow for a smooth transition to my replacement. If it is your desire to discuss options beyond four weeks, let’s have that discussion. If you prefer moving on after four weeks, say the word; I am prepared to move on. Additionally, I will wait for your direction as to how this news is communicated, both internally to the (employer) staff and externally to our customers. Thanks for a great ride! Respectfully, Eric Schwarm" I met with my boss this morning, who drove early to meet with me from Seattle to Portland. He was nothing but supportive and thanked me for my professionalism in how I approached my resignation. It felt great to have HIS support. I have OFFICIALLY taken the leap to independence.

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Fortune Builders has provided a solid foundation for me to lean on, knowing that going forward I am not alone in this THING. I tried doing it alone once (cause I wanted to prove something) and it was a financial failure. It was not a failure in the sense that I learned that we need mentors and guidance to succeed in life. That "business failure" was the biggest learning experience of my life.

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