Frank Lemos Victory


Frank Lemos Victory

Skyline Homes LLC in Chicago, Illinois
Frank Lemos with Elizabeth Lemos

Type(s) of Victory: Found another leader

Amy Mahjoory is one of the most inspirational people I've ever met. I attended the Vegas boot camp when she worked Crush it crew and we had a little chat. I expressed my fear of opening up to people and networking and somehow something she said really clicked in my heart and she was able to help me be very self confident! This is such a huge win and I now have such an amazing supporter that is always giving me advice and helping me. I truly appreciate everything she has done and I can't imagine how someone could be so inspiring. The little conversation with her has really opened up my mind to everything and really changed me as a person! Thank you Amy and thank you FortuneBuilders for bringing us together. I am so grateful!

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Fortune Builders has given me such an amazing opportunity to meet all of these inspiring people. I just hope to become so giving as they are. Thank you Fortune Builders and thank you Amy Mahjoory.

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