Jeff Smith Victory


Jeff Smith Victory

GoldStar Homes, Inc in Auburn, CA

Type(s) of Victory: Found a great team member, Closed on another deal, Sold another deal, Rehabbed a beautiful property

Spectacular Rehab! This property is a 1925 Craftsman bungalow in east Sacramento. This house had some work done by the previous owner, and had been well cared for. The house was in generally good shape, and the yards, while needing some clean up, had exceptional plantings. The original hardwood floors were in excellent condition, but the kitchen and bathroom had never been updated. Coming to me as a short-sale, I was able to make a cash offer and close quickly. At the time of my offer's acceptance, the market had not yet fully rebounded. During the next 5 months that it took to get an answer from the bank on the short sale, and after the rehabbing period, the market had increased significantly, creating a very nice profit; double what I had estimated when I originally made my offer.

Shout Outs & Testimonials

This successful deal was made possible by Nikki Holmes, my realtor at Gold Rush Realty, Inc. Due to her knowledge, dedication and experience, I was able to secure this property and turn a nice house into an exceptional deal. As a broker, real estate investing coach, retired FB Mastery coach, successful Fortune Builders Mastery student and mentor to both RE agents and investors, Nikki gives back continually to the people in the real estate industry in northern California and across the country. I also found a new contractor which I used for this rehab, and his skill, experience and understanding of what my goals were help make this project run as smooth as possible.

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