Goldstar Property Investments in SPOKANE, WA

Type(s) of Victory: Started using a system

Two weeks after I signed up for Fortune Builders Mastery and before I even had a business name, or anything, I started telling people what I was doing with investments. To my surprise I started getting referral calls on potential properties. I even got a lead from a yard sale when I noticed the home being taped and primed for painting (turned out to be an estate property). This called for fast track action to look up and print various training materials. In a 2 week period I followed all 4 leads and did the research. Those properties went to a rental investor or sold retail. The process got me going; got me quickly comfortable with using the tools FB has laid out. My sister in Florida is so excited she even drove around her area in Florida and gave me two leads that I checked never know with the FB community what and where you can conduct your business. What did happen was great! I learned to just get in there and do it, to follow the steps in the program and keep networking, talking, and talking!!! I am looking forward to "INGNITE" 2016, to learning more.

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Just follow the first steps to research properties to save you time . Thanks Fortune Builders for great programs and training.

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