John Carr Victory


John Carr Victory

Humblebee Dream Homes, LLC in Peoria, IL
John Carr with jesus Christ

Type(s) of Victory: Reached a personal goal

Well today it kinda hit home for me ! My dreams are coming to pass ! i set up a bank account for Humblebee Dream Homes, LLC this afternoon !! i road my bicycle in below zero temps on a busy icy road side to make this happen (please dont follow my example for safetysake) !! And boy was it cold !! Whatever it takes... i didn't feel a thing !! This process has given me an entirely new perspective in life for what successful people go through to get to where theyre going !! Everyone sees the end results, the fruit and so quickly criticize being clueless to the sacrifices a person makes to reach the measure of their success..Nothing worth having comes easy in life !! It takes work... which is why we're the minority,, the 1 or 2%ers !! To close on a positive ( CAW ) tomorrow i could have a potential line of credit for this baby!! i want to give 'her' a life of her own, Humblebee that is !! It's all coming together... by Grace through Faith !! BE ENCOURAGED !! Be willing to legally do whatever it takes to reach your destination... but dont miss the journey !! When youre doing what you love.... the journey becomes the destination !! As my coach Rayana would say, ' today is a gift... its really all you have !! NO one is promised tomorrow !! And the value is in knowing this !! Now go live it !!' aka.. GO CRUSH IT !! Much much love !! Might i add, if you dont mind, that there are 365 references in the Bible that tell us to "fear not" one for each day of the year. Always remember to pray ! Who cares what people think...

Shout Outs & Testimonials

My boy Kamil !!! A major shout out !!! He goes Over and Beyond to be there !! I wouldnt be where i am today without you !! Super grateful to have crossed paths swith you !! A shout out to my Coach Rayana !! You go girl !! You totally Crush It !! Everytime we talk !! The walking image of positivity!! Sayam, thanks my man ! ive been on fire since my immersion !! you did an exceptional job with us all !!! And today Joanna, totally enjoyed our field expert call !! was a pleasure getting to meet you !! Look forward to talking again !! And a SUPER shout out to facebook FB mastery group !! Much love to the whole FB family !! And especially Than, Paul,and JD !!! Blessings blessings blessings to you all ! Thanks to you all !! You all have have forever impacted my LIFE !!! Answered prayer, 100% !!!!

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