John & Kelly Hawks Victory


John & Kelly Hawks Victory

Saving Grace Property Soulutions, Inc in Colorado Springs, CO

Type(s) of Victory: Reached a personal goal, Reached a business goal, Fixed something in my life, Paid it forward somehow, Implemented a marketing campaign, Started using a system, Got my first lead, Made my first offer, Got my first deal under contract, Closed on my first deal, Rehabbed a beautiful property, It was just awesome

Our names are John & Kelly. I'll just give the facts because otherwise I will go on and on . My wife and I joined Fortune Builders over a year ago. We studied night after night listened to Pat Precourt over and over" ( I'D like to wrestle that dude ) John lol ." We sent out a couple of the mailing campaigns, learned the hard knocks of receiving phone calls and not being fully prepared for all the questions being fired off at you by PASSIONATE home owners, but it became exciting and it brought me out of my shell and changed my life. We kept faith and BAMM! Off a Bandit sign our first good lead! By staying to the systems.... that turned into our first offer... which became our first Rehab House!! We learned a lot of lessons. Hard lessons! Email me and I would be happy to go over them with you to help anybody just starting out lol... Long story short we rehabbed it and made a net profit of 21,000.00$. Fortune Builders is without a doubt the navigational system to this vehicle of real estate that Is going to effect in a very positive way my grand children's children. God Bless and Thank you Fortune Builders.

Shout Outs & Testimonials

Jeff Fallon and Jeff Fallon did I mention Jeff "The Man"Fallon he was awesome great coach got us thru some rough times. All our other coaches everybody at the last office systems class in San Diego 9/12- 9/13 ( Eric Bee was awesome all the speakers where awesome!) and all the other students where awesome too.

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