John & Maria Dewey Victory


John & Maria Dewey Victory

Venture Investment Property (soon SafePoint Homes LLC) in WALDORF, MD
John & Maria Dewey with John Dewey

Type(s) of Victory: Reached a personal goal, Reached a business goal

So this is my first post... so buckle up! I have 25 years in the Coast Guard and, well, I couldnt stay in forever...thank God for Fortune Builders! We (my wife and I) joined Mastery in early June, but I immediately went to Europe. As a result, I missed my Immersion and took the Marketing Immersion first (you were awesome Jenna Hoover!!! -got me way into the 'no-excuses zone') Anyway, I pushed forward in the blind...formed a business name, got business cards, scheduled field coaching calls, stood up Realeflow (which is absolutely awesome), started my web site, printed bandit signs, got a vanity telephone number, went to the Immersion (you rocked it Dan McCutchen and Marcus Thomas!) and my first coaching! Not the way to do it...but hey...I'm gonna WIN!!! So then NCH called and I got my LLC started! I decided to change my biz name to make it even there was a little re-do. No worries! Better now than later yes? I figure it will take a couple of months for me to get things change to the new name so I plan to use the old name for a while. When I pass the card out, I just say that Venture is being acquired by SafePoint Homes (like that name?...awesome!) and BOOM! Problem Solved! All along the way I have come to throw my shoulders back and say to myself "You really are a business proud and get busy because this thing aint gonna happen unless you do!" My why? 25 years in the CG has been great but I am near the end and I dont want to get out and have nothing to go to but a Just Over Broke (JOB). My goal is to retire in July, 2018, and so I thank all of you for your help, advice, contacts, etc.

Shout Outs & Testimonials

I am giving a shout out to Lee open my eyes at the 3-day. Jenna Hoover, you raised the bar and my confidence, and Dan McCutchen and Marcus Thomas - you guys took me under your wing...a credit to FB and the team...Thanks! Now my children will have a legacy (Lord willing)!

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