Kevin Brill Victory


Kevin Brill Victory

Vesta Real Estate Holdings, LLC in Cincinnati, OH
Kevin Brill with Vesta Real Estate Holdings, LLC

Type(s) of Victory: Reached a personal goal, Found a great team member, Made my first offer

Last week, we worked with a realtor to submit our 1st offer on a REO residential property. Initially, the realtor wasn't comfortable with our additional contract provisions, terms, and low offer. She wanted to keep the offer simple with no edits to the standard state contract. We found ourselves educating the realtor about wholesale / double close process. While we elected not to submit an offer at this time, the meeting went extremely well. The realtor was impressed by our education and resources. We were able to support our offer with our deal analyzer and repair estimator. We agreed that the REO was not motivated to except such a low offer; however, we did develop a relationship with the realtor. She wanted to work with us and to return to the office to review and learn more about these contract provisions. In turn, the realtor provided us a contacts for a real estate attorney to review our contracts and for a contractor to confirm our repair costs. Overall this was a Big Victory!!! Our confidence grows each and every day.

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We want to thank our coaches Mel Feller and Ammon Brimhal for their patience, encouragement, expertise, and support. We also want to thank Fortune Builders for a world class education and support system.

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