Kiki Robbins Victory


Kiki Robbins Victory

Solutions 4 Property in South Sanfrancisco, CA

Type(s) of Victory: Reached a personal goal, Did something on my bucket list, Implemented a marketing campaign, Implemented an individual system, Started using a system, It was just awesome

I'm 85 days in my Mastery, Ive a complished my business cards,web domaine, office#. Realeflow account, synced desktop,tablet,cell,printer. Created my first flyers today! I have an account with staples,free received my first motivated buyer! Two Realestate agents who are willing to work with the company. I have an interview with a tax attorney. Private lenders who are considering investing with my company. A Contractor who knows other qualitfied contractors, willing to pay it forward in supporting the company. I had the opportunity to meet Than and JD, in Cosa Measa,Ca. Boot camp. We took selfies! I also attended Orlando,FL. Bootcamp summit, met with locals and travelers of Realestate Agents and Mastery Colleague Investors, who also attend the Orlando summit. I've experience my 1st. Educational Vacation!

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Nikki sumit,Tammy Murk,Brian Airbrooks, Rye guy, Fortune Builders Mastery Coachs who Inspired & encourage my plan to achieve success as a invester of Realestate Thank you!

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