Kim Renken Victory


Kim Renken Victory

K&A Real Estate Solutions, LLC in Folsom, CA
Kim Renken with Alan Renken and Kevin Balbi

Type(s) of Victory: It was just awesome

With the help of my coach, Mel Feller, and Michael Schumaker, a real estate agent on our team, I avoided a potential loss on a property I was considering purchasing. The property was found thru a Craigslist posting. The seller is an investor and flips properties. He purchased it thru an online auction, Hubzu. What he neglected to tell me, and denied it when I specifically asked him, was that Hubzu charges the buyer a 4.5% premium on top of the purchase price, which in this case was 311K. Mel told me to research the seller on Facebook. I found that the seller was connected with Michael Schumaker. I immediately called Michael and asked him about the seller. He had actually done one transaction in the past with him. When I mentioned that this property was purchased thru Hubzu, Michael went on to tell me about the extra charges. I learned a lot from this potential purchase. There were a lot of red flags while talking with the seller, and in the end, my gut was right. What I gained from this experience is priceless! I learned to always reach out for help if something just doesn't feel right. Thank you Mel Feller, Michael Schumaker, and Fortune Builders Mastery family!!

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A huge SHOUT OUT to Mel Feller, Mastery coach who has helped us so much!!

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