Micki McGuire-Malone Victory


Micki McGuire-Malone Victory

Fortune Quest Home and Property Solutions LLC in Roswell, GA

Type(s) of Victory: Reached a personal goal, Did something on my bucket list, Fixed something in my life, Implemented an individual system, Created a new system

I’ve read Goals & 2 other books on motivation and self discovery. WISHES FULFILLED by Dr. Wayne Dyer and EXCUSES BE GONE. I play the audio of Wishes Fulfilled while I fall asleep... Really motivational I’ve gone over the Nevada Corp Info I’ve taken courses on R E O properties Looked at auction homes Read some brief materials on current home trends and foreclosures I’ve re-constructed my day to be able to devote at least 30 hours a week to Fortune Builders. I believe in what I'm doing and expect great things!!

Shout Outs & Testimonials

A huge shout out to John Anton for getting me started with GOALS Also, Mel Feller and I had a great session this morning. Thank you, Mel!

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