Montina Holliday Victory


Montina Holliday Victory

Botanical Management Group in Tucson, Arizona

Type(s) of Victory: Reached a personal goal, Reached a business goal, Started using a system, Got my first lead

• Business Goal - I was able to overcome my fear, reach out to people, and start creating a team of professionals to work with. What a great feeling it is. Lesson Learned - People are excited to talk to me and want to create money making opportunities. • Personal Goal - I was able to be there for my family and still make progress on my business goals. Two family members were admitted to the hospital this past week, one of them near death. It was an emotional roller coaster for a few days, so I had to slow down. I was able to make progress with all my goals, although at a slower pace. I proved to myself that I can be successful and be there for my family as well. Lesson Learned - I can have both. • Realtor Leads - I spoke with a couple of Realtors. One of them told me about a discounted property for sale. Even though the lead didn't manifest as a deal, it was fun to start looking at possibilities. The other realtor was a high-powered successful woman. She shared some disturbing opinions about the market, saying that short sales weren't what they used to be and that I was wasting my time. She blew the wind out of my sales for a couple of days, but I didn't let her lack of knowledge stop me. Lesson Learned - Realtors don't know everything about the market. Not all deals are good deals. • The BEAUTY of TEAMS - I turned to another team member for confirmation about the market. A title company shared with me that short sales have dropped off a tiny bit this past year, but they certainly are NOT in short supply. They have been doing several closings on short sales and they were continually coming in all the time. Lesson learned - Double check the information that people tell you. • I started using a new system. I participated in a webinar on FlipComp and signed up for the software. It is fantastic! I played with it the other day and picked out some properties I thought might be good deals. I don't have the expertise to complete a deal yet, but when I do... Woo-hoo! In the meantime, the program will let me watch what happens with those properties, seeing how much they sell for. This will tell me if my prediction about them being a good deal was correct or not (I have not done the rehab training yet).

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I'm so grateful for having the opportunity to study Real Estate in a fun way, to receive coaching, and to use one some cool systems that makes my job so much easier.

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