Nathan Fournier Victory


Nathan Fournier Victory

Property Providers, LLC in Charlton, MA
Nathan Fournier with Daniel George

Type(s) of Victory: Reached a personal goal, Got my first deal under contract, It was just awesome

We started construction on our first rehab and had an offer accepted on a 3-family this week! I also accepted a job offer making significantly more than I previously was (mechanical engineer) with more flexible hours. Other than that, someone I barely knew reached out to me and said that just by reading my Facebook posts he was inspired to make a change in his life. I grabbed a drink with him and told him all about my business and lifestyle and he was in awe... I gave him all kinds of resources and he left that meeting more motivated than he ever had been. It felt great to be admired for my hard work and philosophy and I couldn't be more grateful! CAW!!

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I could have done it all without Fortune Builders... but it would have taken 5 years instead of 6 months with hundreds of thousands of dollars spent in 'lessons learned!' You're the man Than, and the rest of the Fortune Builders team!

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