Paul Dellacroce Victory


Paul Dellacroce Victory

Rebound Housing in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Type(s) of Victory: Rehabbed a beautiful property

My 1st rehab just went on the market today! Paid $78,000 Repairs $20,500 ARV $144,000 is the listing price House was built in 1981. The owner is an out of state landlord. Rob McIntosh is coach of the year in my book. He lead me through marketing, deal analyzing, working with sellers, negotiating, closing the deals and the rehab process, of the Fortune Builders Jump Start Curriculum in such as masterful way that I have just purchased my 1st rehab. Fortunebuilders' processes work if followed. I had no prior experience of any kind with real estate until I started with FortuneBuilders just 13 weeks ago and now I have a rehab underway and a potential profit of $25,000 to $31,000 Thanks for giving me the tools to take control of my destiny. Rob McIntosh is the best. In addtion to the rehabbing I have a have a hard money lending company I have my 1st loan out and I am making $1,180 a month tax free.

Shout Outs & Testimonials

As I stated above, I had no prior experience with real estate investing. I attended you 3 day workshop held in February in Colorado Springs, CO. I know that Fortune Builders is coming back to Colorado Springs in a few weeks to do another 3 day seminar. I would love to attend and give a testimonial about FB at the seminar coming up. This can be structured anyway FB would want it. IE. pictures of the house, interview, or just mingling in the crowd. I cannot think of a better marketing tool than to have a local come back 13 weeks later with a rehab on the market. My way of giving back to Fortune Builders.

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