Rick Egermier Victory


Rick Egermier Victory

RME Properties INC. in Omaha, NE
Rick Egermier with Maureen Egermier

Type(s) of Victory: Implemented an individual system Started using a system Created a new system Got my first lead Got my first deal under contract Closed on my first deal Rehabbed a beautiful property It was just awesome

Got our first deal via a referral, closed it myself feeling confident from what I was educated on by the FB teachings, rehabbed it and sold it in 8 hours on the market!!! Even had three bids. I am addicted now!! Through that process we created our Private Money Lending Packet, reached out to potential Private Money Lenders. We currently have five PML's now ready to lend and two projects under rehab in which both are being funded by Private Money!!! Thanks FB!! Couldn't of done it without you!! Rick and Maureen Egermier RME Properties INC Papillion Nebraska

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We started out knowing a little about the process as we have been doing this on a small scale for a couple of years. After going through some of the FB training, we are now pretty confident about what we are doing. We now have systems in place, able to do more projects and are starting to outsource projects. Going through the FB process, we now have a new company formed, a direct IRA formed, 1 property rehabbed and sold, two under rehab, five Private Money Lenders ready to lend and getting closer to where we want to be financially for our first year's goal. We were debating on a few different options in our career's as our life is getting crazy with kids, being introduced to the FB process, we are very confident we made the right move. I am officially hanging up my old tool belt! Your team has changed our lives - FOR THE BETTER!! Thanks, Rick and Maureen Egermier RME Properties INC

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