Ruth Ann Davis Victory


Ruth Ann Davis Victory

Renewed Property Solutions in Delray Beach, FL
Ruth Ann Davis with Hank Davis and Trish Lang

Type(s) of Victory: Reached a personal goal, Other type of victory

My name is Ruth Ann Davis, and I am a new fortunebuilders student with my husband Hank and Sister, Trish. We jumped in excited and were off to the finish line when suddenly the learning and material grew and appeared overwhelming. Things that came easy to me were major road blocks and Stop Signs to my team. They were both committed and excited but had not realized the depth and magnitude of the learning and training required for us to succeed. We had a great second coaching call with our coach Leigh Smith. She was so understanding and patient with our questions, guiding us to the first lessons. We anxiously printed off a copy of the to do list for each of us to check our progress. We were learning accountability. However, we looked at the list and saw things we could do now in our excitement, before listening to the webinar or video training. Bad Move! Listen to your coach when the say to do things in the 1-2-3 order or you too will learn from mistakes you make that Than Merrill and other of the webinar hosts explain that they made and had to learn from. Well we did not listen and repeated some of their mistakes. Like staying up to the middle of the night searching Go Daddy for the right .com domain we wanted. We had already decided what name we wanted and of course, middle of the night typing and thoughts are not always careful. Typo errors had us select the wrong name. We did not realize it and had paid for 3 years and the similar names. Then we listened to the video webinar and heard them tell us to 1. Check out the name you want online before you search for the domain name. 2. See how many other companies had similar names. Then we discovered the .com domain name we thought we purchased was missing a letter and "our" name was already an active website and looked very much like another Fortune Builders Student, the oh no rush just drained our excitement and energy. We were a few days from the next coaching call and we were feeling so dumb. We made mistakes, cost us unnecessary money, but a day or so later we found an alternative. We found a usable .com URL for our website, found another variation of our name and threw out the 250 business cards we had ordered incorrectly. Another mistake and loss, but we started over listening and studying and making new progress, we used creative thinking and listening orderly to the training. This caused us discouragement and then the doubts set in, what we have done, investing all this money, not getting the results we wanted from the training. Some were making sense to me, but not to my team, we were training separately and together. We had reordered our Business Cards after the next call from our coach, we designed a Bandit Sign, and ordered Bandit Cards to leave around for people to look pick up and pass around. Of course the cards after delivery, all sat on the desktop because we were not ready or confident to give them out. And it had our web site address on them and of course we had protected our privacy with a google phone number for the local area. We still did not think we were ready or maybe we made a mistake, doubts and fears started to creep in, then my sister had some health challenges and my husband’s father became ill and all of our work schedules became more challenging. Taking stock now, we had already 1. Decided on a name, 2. Purchased a suitable domain name, 3. Got a google phone number that was easy to remember (or we thought so), 4 Ordered our Business cards and Bandit Cards and had them delivered. 5. had a list of team member’s business cards from a Meet-Up. 6. We also created a website to match the cards. Things seemed good until the setbacks of health issues and job problems to hinder our income; this activated our fear, fear of failure. We had a call with our coach ready to tell her that we had jumped the gun and we in over our heads, we were discouraged and felt that we were not really cut out for this it was just too much. We were ready to throw in the towel, so to speak. Have any of you felt that way after just Coaching Call 3, we just knew we were doomed. Luckily our Coach Leigh Smith was smarter and better educated than we were and did not let us down or let us give up. She would not let us hold on to that fear but helped us list all the above things we had done already. She was proud of us for what we had accomplished even in light of the health and family issues, job interruptions. She said she and the Fortune Builder Team had faith in us and would be there to support us that we had many more things to learn and this early part was really hard but the later part would add more excitement. We agreed to keep trying. She was right; it got easier and more interesting to do the other lessons. We have kept up with the program maybe not all at the same speed of learning but we kept trying. Since then I have put Website up live, Created a Logo, Have a Seller Credibility Packet and our team is overcoming the roadblocks and removing the stop signs to continue learning and growing with these wins. I did not realize these were little victories and wins just stuff we did, Leigh encouraged me to add this Victory tale to help maybe encourage other students of fortunebuilders or Mastery that may feel some of the same fears and trepidation to act. Like the commercial says, Just do it. If it is wrong, change and do it again. Take that leap forward, you can order a small amount of business cards very inexpensive, when you have the minimum order in hand you will gain confidence that you accomplished something. If they are wrong, throw them out and do it again, remember its just paper. Step out of your comfort zone like we did and take a chance on you. You are worth it just like we realized we were becoming our own worst enemy. No more - we are in this and learning to listen carefully or over and over, changing my perception of what we could do. We want to tell you we are still learning and struggling, but avoiding the road blocks. No leads or deals yet but that will come, in time. We are not giving up, because we are renewed. In spirit and family and team. We are keeping on with our study and are looking forward to helping renew the south Florida area and provide renewal to the area with others that need creative solutions and Renewed Futures. Thank you so much Leigh Smith, our Coach and the full Fortune Builders and fortunebuilders team for your coaching help and investment in me, Hank and Trish, with all our limitations and fears, you helped encourage us and allowed us to see our team in the light of successes we have already done, the little wins I have mentioned and we strive to reaching our goal and making our life what we desire it to be with the information we are learning. We are excited again and moving forward.

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