Ryan Scialabba Victory


Ryan Scialabba Victory

GreenLite Homes, LLC in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Ryan Scialabba with Tony Scialabba (Dad)

Type(s) of Victory: Fixed something in my life, Implemented a marketing campaign, Started using a system, Closed on my first deal, Sold another deal, It was just awesome

Just under a month ago, we had a coaching call that changed the way we were doing business. After stumbling around, halfway implementing systems, and seeing minimal success, we needed to refocus. Coach Wilks was exactly what we needed. After that call, we have implemented marketing campaigns that received over a 10% response rate. From that ten percent, we were able to already close a deal (today), put six properties into escrow (today), have another five under contract with the buyer pre-determined and going into escrow at the end of the week (reverse wholesaled it), and currently marketing two other properties we have under contract as well! It's safe to say we absolutely crushed this month and it has lit a fire underneath us to get out there and truly focus step by step. And, speaking for my dad here - I know that he has had some ups and downs through out this journey so far but I can't thank him enough for supporting me and what we are trying to build. With these recent wins, it was the exact kick to get him in the mindset where he is now, which is CRUSHING IT!

Shout Outs & Testimonials

I have two shout outs to give.. Number 1 goes to Coach Wilks for getting us focused and being a true coach to us. He has really changed the way we do business on our last two coaching calls. This weeks focus has become building our buyer's list and after last month...we have really set the bar to keep impressing him. My second shout out goes to Matt Stookey - Matt you da man! This guy has been a true mentor and a great friend throughout this journey so far and I know that we've got some great stuff in the works so it will all pay off.

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