Sceven Pee Victory


Sceven Pee Victory

Booya property solutions in Bakersfield, California

I went to my first Real Estate investor meeting. It was AWESOME !!!! The person putting on the meeting is part of a group focused on purchasing in my local area. They discussed their criteria for purchasing land or housing, building plans. Even had the criteria sectioned off per side of town. Stated they are purchasing about 20 houses a week. Discussed how they have their funding. Their other long term investments and their future investments plans. Met with a couple of other wholesalers, real estate agent, and broker. Didn't really have alot of time to network. But I sooo will be going to the future meetings.

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Pam Ross , my FB coach, encouraged me to start putting together a team and start networking. Gave me the web sites to get in touch with them. Instructed me on how to talk to others in the networking events. Thanks Pam :)

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