Scott Steele Victory


Scott Steele Victory

Solid Steele Property Investments, LLC in Unityville, PA
Scott Steele with James Steele

Type(s) of Victory: Fixed something in my life, Implemented an individual system, Created a new system, Found a great team member, It was just awesome

We have had the best coaching that we can imagine, Our personal coach took two red necks and taught them how to really look at the situation in a non personal but sensible manor and see how to really evaluate the situation first. Then we have the deal review department that does a great job. This program saved us from making a big mistake by guiding us through the proper steps in the short sale and leaving ourselves an exit strategy. I recommend that you use these coaches as often as possible they do great work, even if you are at a point where you think your not going anywhere. The answers are there and they will try to point you in the correct direction. Sometime all we need is a path to walk on then the decisions seem clearer. I would like to thank Fortune Builders for teaching me how to like at life differently than I did six months ago. I will put everything you have taught me to the test over time and I will continue to educate myself whenever I can. Thank You very much Scott Steele James Steele Solid Steele Property Investments,LLC

Shout Outs & Testimonials

Edwin Tamayo: great times we enjoyed our coaches calls and we will stay in touch with you as we go along. Thanks for all of the great advice also, the best coach I have had to date seriously. Dave Barnes: Thanks for reinforcing what Than taught in the wholesale boot camp, you saved us a lot of problems in the future. The deal review is an awesome tool that everyone should use.

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