Sue Wenzlaff Victory


Sue Wenzlaff Victory

Keller Williams Great Lakes in Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan

Type(s) of Victory: Reached a business goal Closed on another deal

As a real estate agent and new Mastery Student, I networked at the Marketing and Wholesaling bookcamp to meet other investors interested in the Metro Detroit market. During a visit by 2 Mastery Students, I found 2 homes them to rehab and flip, one to rent and hold, and one for land contract. One flip home just had an accepted contract for over asking price today, while at the Rehab Bootcamp; the other is going on the market tomorrow. The land contract investor came in when the original buyer backed out and secured a 3 bed, 1 bath home on a double lot for 28K in Eastpointe, MI. After 1K in paint and flooring, the home was put on the market for 42,500 3 days after closing. A land contract that will produce 12K in interest over 6 years was secured and closed in 8 days. So the investor does not have to pay taxes, worry about repairs, and has helped someone who was renting for 850/month become a home owner at 720/month. He received a thank you letter, along with the first mortgage payment that stressed how greatful she was that he made this opportunity available to help improve the life of a single mom with 2 kids! This service was provided while making about 21K, after closing costs, in passive income over 6 years. He also helped the life of the homeowners who needed a short sale to go through before time was up in their redemption period in Michigan after the first buyer backed out.

Shout Outs & Testimonials

FortuneBuilders helped me, as I made it a goal to make atleast 1 great contact at each event. The rehab work was done by another Mastery Student I met at the area intensive workshop. The Mastery Student buyers came from networking at the Marketing and Wholesaling Bootcamp. Coaching and all of the tools you have available at the webside were vital, too, along with all of the weekly trainings.

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