Tom Black Victory


Tom Black Victory

CST Northeast Renovations LLC in Rising Sun, Maryland
Tom Black with Paradigm Properties Group

Type(s) of Victory: Helped someone else achieve a goal, Helped someone in Mastery, Closed on another deal

I have been posting on Facebook Mastery various tips, advice, suggestions, as well as offering help to the Facebook Fortune Builders Community, since I joined Mastery in July of 2012. I received a private message the other day from Kim Finch, who lives in Jacksonville Florida. She asked if I would help her sell her grandparents house in Pasadena Maryland. The original offer the seller received for their property would have netted them $1,000 once the mortgages on the property were paid. Their goal was to receive at least $10,000. In Early September, I put the property under an option contract for $63,000 - that will be their NET. I began marketing the property on, which automatically uploads your online ad to 20+ real estate websites. Within a few days, I had 5 potential buyers. I went back to the sellers and signed a purchase and sale agreement with the seller for that same $63K. I assigned the purchase and sale agreement to the end-buyer for $69,500. We settled in 10 days from the signing of the assignment contract. In 9+ years in real estate, IT WAS THE SMOOTHEST Transaction I have ever done. Kim Finch received a $1,000 finder's fee, the seller netted $11,000, we received $5,500 and the buyer purchased the property, so he can teardown the little, old house on the lot and build his daughter a brand new home! He had been looking for a property just like the one he bought from us for 6 months. Win-Win-Win-Win!

Shout Outs & Testimonials

While in the Fortune Builders Mastery Program, I have spoken(on the phone) to well over 150 Fortune Builders Mastery Student across the country. I have texted, e-mailed, private messaged and/or been on Skype with another 300-400. Fortune Builders has completely changed my life, how I think, how I feel, what I say and what I do! But for The Grace of God, go I! This entire journey has been directed by my bus driver, Jesus Christ. THIS is the destination He has delivered me to, so It is my responsibility: Morally, Ethically and Spiritually to Pay It Forward. My real estate experience can help many others to avoid pitfalls and to overcome challenges and more. Shout-Outs to: Shari Chadwick, Shauna Reiter, John Gehri, John Scott, Kyle Powers, Jon Thederahn, Randy Thompson, Jared Kaufman, Kim Rush, Kim Finch, Paul Russo, Kathy Persha, Brian White, Nikki Whitaker, Jessica Burns, Duane DeLong, Verna Fifer, Sue Cornthwaite, Lisa Holcolm, Samantha Mitchell, Scott Birnie, Kris Colley, Kris Ruffenach, Than Merrill, Pat Precourt, Matt Connolly, Cole Hatter, Dave Yacono, Ken Muller, Paul Saba, Shanna Davis, Angela Santmier, Mike and Lisa Stromenger, Tom Barker, Molly Shaw-Mathers, Carlee Koehler, Michael Smith, Jose Acosta, Todd Lee, Sean Quill, Steve Sayers, Mike Rose, and I could go on for another paragraph or two. ALL of these people have impacted my life in Amazing Ways. There dozens of others I may have failed to mention, but I love the entire Fortune Builders Community. After 47 years, I finally get it! Life is a loving, giving experience, so my focus is on others for the very FIRST time! IT feels absolutely wonderful!

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