What’s Really Holding Your Buyers Back?

We all know that the secret to flipping more houses and being more successful at real estate investing today relies on cultivating more buyers. So what’s really holding your buyers back?

We hear a lot about how lending guidelines are tougher than ever today and that adult children are giving up and moving back in with their parents because they are afraid of the housing market. However, if you get out in the street and talk to people, the American Dream is still their dream. People want to own their own places. In many cases they just don’t have the real estate education they need to make a sound decision, simply don’t know where to start, don’t know that they really do qualify or are just too busy dealing with daily life.

With homes so cheap and mortgage interest rates at ridiculous lows there are likely millions of Americans out there right now who don’t know that they qualify to buy a home but could. They just keep hearing in the news how tough it is and haven’t wanted to waste time applying. All they need is a little real estate education on how incredibly inexpensive it is to buy today and how much they can get for their money. So who will give them this essential real estate education, you?

Then you have others who are just too caught up with other things. They are working two jobs, juggling the kids, worried about their children’s education, stressed out about saving for the kids college fund, fighting with their spouses about how tight money is, etc. Many of these tenants could be slashing their monthly housing payments by buying a home and solving all of these critical issues. Perhaps putting on a first time home buyers seminar to deliver key real estate education to these individuals and families isn’t something you want to do right now but what about getting the message to them through their friends on Facebook? Show prospects just how inexpensive it is to buy right now, use storytelling and video testimonials to show just how broad reaching and powerful the benefits of homeownership can be for all areas of their lives.

Sure they may be a few who still don’t qualify to buy any of your real estate investing deals but if you started putting them in your pipeline last year you could have hundreds of ripe prospects in your palms right now.

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