Where Are Your Buyers Hiding?

To become good at real estate investing and flipping homes you must learn where to find your ideal buyers and capture them.

Once you get into the flow of real estate investing you are likely to find that one niche or model suits you best. You may specialize in high end multi-million dollar mansions, waterfront property, low income housing or affordable bread and butter properties. This means you will generally also be looking for the same types of buyers for each of your properties, whether they are other real estate investors or individuals and families looking for a residence.

Start by identifying who these buyers are in ordered to streamline your real estate investing and . Who much money do they earn, what kind of credit do they have, how much money to they have saved, how old are they. Then identify where these prospects and potential buyers live. Are they in the same neighborhoods that you are flipping homes in or are they in rental complexes near by or are your ideal buyers relocating from another area of the country or could they even be foreign investors? Creating an ideal customer profile will dramatically improve your real estate investing marketing, shorten your cash flow cycle and increase profit margins.

However, you cannot just stop their. Real estate investing pros know that they also need to determine the shopping habits of these perfect buyers and when the best time to reach them is. Do they respond better to yard signs and direct mail or do they search for homes on the Internet? Then go deeper and hone in on what these buyers want and need to be able to take action and commit to buying one of your homes. Do they need a certain profit margin if they are also involved in real estate investing, do they need to be within a certain price range, is there a magic button that catches their attention and can make these deals work? Find out where your buyers are, how they shop, build a big database and find out what the triggers are to make them buy and you will find real estate investing becomes a whole lot easier and more profitable!

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