Why This Winter Is Perfect For Flipping Houses

Regardless of the bigger cycles in real estate those who are experienced at real estate investing know that each year has it’s ups and down in sales. Often the summer months are the most active as individuals discover new places they would like to own homes while on vacation and families scramble to get settled into new neighborhoods before school starts. However this is also the time that the most homes go on the market drowning yours among the sea of others vying for the same buyers.

Pros at flipping houses also know that during the winter many homeowners take their properties off of the market. Both to avoid the appearance that their home has been sitting on the market unwanted for an extended period of time and because many do not want the headache of dealing with buyers, negotiating terms or moving during the holiday season. This makes winter the perfect time for those in the real estate investing to market their homes. Less competition makes it easier for your homes to stand out and means you get a lot more marketing power for your money.

This is true this winter more than ever. Foreclosure moratoriums and freezes have reduced competition even further. Additionally many buyers are now more afraid to buy directly from banks making real estate investing businesses who are flipping homes even more popular and lenders are ditching properties a bigger discounts. This means you can pick up homes at larger discounts and get even higher prices for them, maximizing the profit margins of your real estate investing business. Be creative with your marketing, do not just point out a home’s features but make sure that you are getting across the real benefits of buying your homes now!