You Are the Only Thing Limiting Your Real Estate Wealth

What’s standing between you and the lifestyle and money you want? It’s only you and your limiting beliefs!

Wait! Before you hit the back button. This isn’t philosophical mumbo jumbo. It’s the truth. If not what else is stopping you? Keep reading as this applies to those who already consider themselves real estate investing pros as much as it does to those who haven’t started yet.

There are all types of excuses for not getting started in real estate investing even though you know it is your best chance for making your dreams a reality, earning a great income, building wealth, enjoying more freedom and actually being able to retire. No cash, no credit, the market is bad, these are all too common. Though what is scarier is those who say that they can’t win in real estate investing because they don’t know the right people or those types of incomes just aren’t destined for them. This is truly sad. Never accept that lot in life.

99% of real estate investing millionaires today weren’t born with money, didn’t have it handed to them and certainly didn’t go to Harvard. They took the initiative to build some real estate education and go out there and do it.

You really don’t need your own credit to invest in real estate and even if it was great you probably shouldn’t be using it anyway. Right now there is so much money floating around to be invested you certainly don’t need your own and you don’t have to win the lottery either. If your excuse is time. Then you are right. No one can give you more time and you will never have enough if you don’t make the change now but you can squeeze in a few hours or re-prioritize until you get things going.

That leaves connections and knowing the right people. People involved at every stage in the real estate investing process want to meet others and network for business. All you have to do is introduce yourself. Doing a ten million dollar deal is no more difficult than a ten thousand dollar deal. In fact sometimes the bigger ones are far easier.

If you are simply afraid of success then keep on hiding your head in the sand but stop making excuses and admit it for what it is. After all if you don’t have great credit and lots of money right now what is it that you could have to lose?