5 December Getaway Ideas For Real Estate Investing Pros

Looking for somewhere to getaway to this December? Check out these top 5 ideas for real estate investing pros which offer inspiration, property deals, fun and incredible networking opportunities…

1. Las Vegas, NV

There are few destinations as decadent for finishing off the year as luxurious Las Vegas. Why not treat yourself to a fantastic getaway at one of the world’s top resorts. Try your luck at the casinos and take a look at the local housing market. You will either find incredible real estate investing you just can’t say no to or may go home being glad that your local market has been as hard hit as the one here.

2. Miami, FL

Heralded as the flagship of the housing recovery it is well worth taking a look at what is going on here and what real estate investing opportunities abound. Plus of course it offers the sunniest and warmest destination in the country at this time of year. So head to the Magic City, soak up the sun, play, get pampered in one of the world class spas and check out the new condos being developed.

3. New York, NY

Whether you are looking for a Christmas escape or somewhere to celebrate the New Year NYC offers the ideal location. Check out the giant tree and skating or watch the ball drop. Do a little window shopping for properties and you may be amazed at how cheap your hometown is in comparison.

4. San Jose, CA

Heart of Silicon Valley and home to the hottest technology, startups and venture capitalists, San Jose is a great choice for real estate investing pros who want to build on their knowledge and do some serious networking while taking in some new sights.

5. London, England

Financial powerhouse and top real estate investing destination London while give you a whole new appreciation for the tiny price per square foot in your local area. Plus with massive year end bonuses abounding it is a great place to network and pick up new clients or private mortgage lenders.

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Real Estate Investing Strategies
Real Estate Investing Strategies
Real Estate Investing Strategies
Real Estate Investing Strategies
Real Estate Investing Strategies