5 Motivated Seller Lists To Target To Improve Your Direct Mail Campaign

Direct mail marketing is a great strategy for real estate investors looking to get the word out about their business. The process of sending direct mail is quite simple. Define your target audience, choose your type of mail (i.e. post card, yellow letters, brochure, etc.), write actionable copy, and send away!

The benefits of direct mail marketing are endless. One major advantage is that this type of marketing is highly targeted, meaning you are only attracting the highest quality leads. Direct mail is also easy to measure.  Track the right metrics to find out which strategies are (or aren’t) working and make decisions based on exact results. Lastly, investors have the ability to individualize their direct mail. You can address customers by name and manipulate your language based on each persons preferences and needs.

Sounds great, right? So how can you get started?

The Best Motivated Seller Lists To Help You Achieve Success

In order for your direct mail campaign to be successful, you must target motivated sellers. Motivated leads are individuals who, for whatever reason, need to sell their home fast. Perhaps they are moving for a job, perhaps they are on the brink of foreclosure. Regardless of their motivation, investors need to pose themselves as the go-to source for help.

If are ready for your direct mail marketing campaign results to sky rocket, start by targeting these 5 motivated seller lists:

motivated seller list

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