Eliminating Negativity: Let Your Real Estate Acumen Shine

Let’s face it; some people, regardless of their situation, are never happy. These people have a tendency to only see the worst in a deal. More often than not, their negative outlook is a crutch, rather than a precaution. They will tell you why you should avoid a property solely based on one bad experience they may have had. They can be the loudest critic you have, even if they don’t know your intentions. However, if you allow yourself to be surrounded by negative individuals, you will start to doubt what you are doing. Having said that, you want to reserve any negative you may have.  Of course it is good to be cautious, but you also need to make sure the negativity isn’t clouding your better judgement. Have faith in your real estate acumen and you will be better off.

It is not an exaggeration to say that you are largely defined by the people you surround yourself with. Real estate investing is one of those career paths that is largely defined by its individuality. However, that is not to say that everyone has their own opinion, and is equally enthused to share it. For every person that tells you now is a good time to get started in real estate, there may be two adamantly opposed to it. Between family functions, weddings, co-workers, investment club meetings and networking groups, you will certainly encounter people that are negative in nature. It is easier said than done, but these are the people and situations that you need to stay clear from if you want to be successful. You need to learn to trust your own real estate acumen, and not to let the negativity of others influence your decisions.

There is a fine line between negativity and caution. You should always consider what the downsides are with a property and prepare yourself accordingly. Unfortunately, negative people are consumed by this and never consider the positives. The key is to mitigate risks and weigh them versus the rewards. Negative people will never look at the bright side of a deal. They think that any success you have is a byproduct of luck. If you keep listening to these people, it will start to wear on you and you will start to think like them.

The best partners are the ones that have different viewpoints regarding the business. You don’t need people around you telling you how great everything is or how wonderful every deal will be. This is just as destructive as negative people. Consequently, if you are around negative people, sooner or later this will start to show in your personality. Nobody likes to work with negative people. Think of how discouraging it would be to hear that you are never going to succeed. If you have this attitude when you meet new realtors, investors, lenders and attorneys, they will run away from you as quickly as possible. In general, people in business work with others that they either like personally or feel confident they can do the job they are looking for. If all you are is doom and gloom, who would want to work with you? Your realtor may not be able to get every offer they submit, but with the right attitude they will move your business forward.

There are many investors who would rather say they are right about something than to try to help a fellow investor out. If you have a positive team of people around you, you will find yourself much more motivated and interested in the business. Success, however small, leads to a desire to continue that success. If your team looks to solve problems as soon as they hit, instead of complaining about them for a few days, you can quickly get right back on track. Positive people strive for results while negative people look to drag other people down with them.

If you are educated on a topic and have a clear vision, you shouldn’t let anyone stand in your way. What works for one investor may not work for you. Likewise; what didn’t work for someone may in fact be great for you. If you listen to the failures of every investor, you will never take the next step and learn for yourself. Certainly listen to everyone around you, but at the end of the day you are in charge of your business. If your contractor is telling you they can’t do something, ask them why. If you are not satisfied with the answer, see who else is out there. There are many people in real estate who are not willing to go the extra mile. Just don’t let them drag you down too.

Nothing can drag your business down quicker than negativity. Not every property or deal will go exactly how you expect, but with every problem there is also opportunity. Positive people find a way to get things done while negative people look to tell stories and complain about them. The more positive and like-minded people you surround yourself with, the more successful you and your business will be.