John’s Review of the REO/Shortsale Bootcamp

I just got through attending the FortuneBuilders REO Short Sale seminar and was extremely impressed. I’ve been to many other type seminars pertaining to real estate, making wealth, all these others and they had a lot of things that, yeah, sounded good, but from what I’ve gathered from these people after talking to and meeting with them they’re 10 times above the others. Couple things that came out that really impressed me was the support. I talked to few of the Mastery students and they confirmed it. Only other thing i really impress me is also is the way they want to get back to the community you have to give back. That’s the only way you will be successful in this world. The morals, being ethical and everything– you have to have that too. The honesty, you can’t ask anything more and I am going join the Mastery students.