Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate
Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate

4 Things Every Investor Needs To Do When Selling A Property

Written by Than Merrill

The idea of the open house is by no means dead, but the concept may have one foot out the door. The changing real estate landscape requires a curated audience, and real estate marketing events should cater to the needs of the next generation of buyers. Today’s real estate event marketing is more about crafting a truly engaging home buying experience as opposed to just opening your doors to anyone that might be interested.

When selling a property, think less about traditional open houses and more about curating an experience. That said, your next real estate marketing event should consist of the following:

Selling A Property: Real Estate Marketing Events

Ask yourself why people would want to attend your real estate marketing event. Marketing a property for sale is as much about the seller as it is about potential suitors. Essentially, a sale contributes to your bottom line as an investor. However, said transaction can’t take place without an interested party. As simple as it sounds, you need to attract buyers to your property. Ask yourself one simple question: why will people want to attend my real estate marketing event? Of course, the property itself is on top of the list, but there needs to be something else. Be creative and provide potential buyers with a reason to come to your event. Remember, these events will change with locations. What you do in San Diego may be completely different than what you do in Austin.

Many investors will provide an elaborate array of food and beverages for interested clientele. This is a tried and true method. However, as the real estate landscape is changing, so should your strategies. Continue to provide food and drinks, but feel free to do so as a compliment to something else. This is your chance to be creative. Perhaps you can hold a raffle that offers prizes to those who attend. Find out what you have to offer and go from there. Maybe you have insider advice on an up and coming neighborhood. Use what you have to your advantage, and find out how you can offer it to attendees. Selling a property will require you to get creative.

Pro Tip: The idea of providing potential clients with a reason to come does not stop with the current property. There will be plenty of interested buyers that are not sold on the house in question. Your prerogative is to gain their trust. Only then will they will consider any other properties you may have up for sale at the time, or look to you at a later date. Establish connections with everyone in attendance. You never know who may want a house from you at a later date.

Tap into the selling power of proven commodities. Again, you are trying to sell a house. That said, there is a marketing model that has worked for every salesman that has come before you. Why not borrow from them? There is no need to reinvent the wheel at your real estate marketing event. Take what has worked for others and apply it to your marketing endeavors. Associating your personal brand and a house you represent with something else that people already like can pay big dividends. A popular, local restaurant can very easily cater your event. If that is the case, let people know. Associating with a big, name brand can only help your prospects. Get as creative as you want. Host a local car dealership to display their latest model, or collaborate with a local news anchor. The possibilities are limitless. The idea is to associate your event with things people already like. The more you do that, the better.

Pro Tip: There is a good chance that the company or person you host will have their own ulterior motives. They will most likely be using your event to bolster their own presence in the community. That said, they would be doing what they can to draw their own crowd. Take this time to collaborate with them and share databases. If you can find out who they are reaching out to, you can increase the exposure of your real estate marketing event. The funnel goes both ways, however, so be sure to offer up your list as well. This only works if the two of you are willing to cooperate.

Localize your real estate marketing event. Similar to that of the previous tip, be sure to include the local community. However, instead of using a local celebrity as a headliner, tone it down a bit. Use this time to showcase the home’s community. What might be a selling point for potential buyers? Is there a local gym that people love? Maybe the local bakery has drawn rave reviews. Anything you can use as a selling point should be an option. Once you have narrowed it down to one business, offer them a table to showcase their goods or services. That way, you can bring in a local commodity that people are already familiar with. Local business can always use the exposure, and their presence can only help you. It is the definition of a win/win.

Pro Tip: If you go out of your way to promote a local business at your next real estate marketing event, there is a good chance they will reciprocate their appreciation. At the very least, they will probably be willing to promote the open house at their retail store. Print out flyers to place in the store (if they are willing). This will allow you to reach a broader audience.

Give your real estate marketing event meaning – beyond that of the home for sale. As a real estate investor, your priority should be to sell the home. There is no arguing that. However, there are things you can do to make the entire process more meaningful to those involved. Offer to host a fundraiser, or at least provide a platform for a charitable group. In doing so, you are not only raising awareness for a cause you believe in, but you are also providing a conduit for other brands to get involved too. What charities do you support? The name of the game is exposure, and such an event will generate a lot of it.

Pro Tip: Be sure to document the event with plenty of photos. That way you can share what happened on social media. However, the use of the photos should not stop there. By all means, use them in future marketing efforts and document the intentions of your business. Include the photos in an email marketing campaign to let the community know you are there to help. You would be surprised how much credit this will give you and your business.