Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate
Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate

6 Real Estate Blogs Every Investor Should Follow

Written by Paul Esajian

With today’s advances in real estate technology, the internet is dripping with information; and because smartphones are the new norm, this vast array of information is at our fingertips. While this may feel overwhelming, it can be highly beneficial for those looking to enhance their educations and improve their businesses.

Reading real estate blogs can truly take your business to the next level. The real estate industry is constantly changing, which means that staying up to date on the latest and greatest can be the key to your success. If you want to get ahead of the competition, understanding and utilizing the current trends is a must.

Keeping track of your favorite real estate blogs can benefit you and your business in a number of ways because blogs are:

  • A convenient source of information – Blogs are easy to read and updated regularly, meaning you’ll always receive the newest information.
  • A great option for non traditional media users – Reading different blogs will represent multiple views and perspectives.
  • A quick way to get advice – Many blogs are real life accounts of a person’s business trial and tribulations. Commenting on a post will often result in an answered question.
  • A platform for building a community – Every blog has it’s own style and will bring in a specific audience. Joining a community opens the door to new networking opportunities.

Once you understand the benefits of blogging, it will be impossible to stay away from the following real estate blogs.

Stay Up To Date On All Things Investing With These 6 Real Estate Blogs

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Every real estate entrepreneur should strive to learn one new thing every day, and reading your favorite blogs will help you accomplish that goal.

If you don’t know where to start, consider adding these options to your list:

123 Flip. This blog is perfect for intermediate to advanced investors who specialize in fix and flip properties. While the blog is only updated on a monthly to semi-monthly basis, the tips provided by blog owner J Scott are invaluable. The blog covers everything from book recommendations, to podcast recaps, to market analysis and trending news, to tips on building a successful business. While every post is unique it it’s own way, the blog’s most noteworthy feature is its “houses” category. Scott catalogs the entire process of every house he and his team have rehabbed – over 50 homes! – and shares tidbits of what he learned along the way. Follow Scott through finding a deal, calculating the property’s value, appraising the property, and finding a buyer for the property.

Real Estate In Your Twenties. Brandon of Real Estate In Your Twenties is an active real estate investor, musician, globetrotter, entrepreneur, and self-proclaimed hopeless romantic. He’s obsessed with financial freedom and can’t stand the concept of being chained to a nine to five desk job. He uses his blog to share his trials and tribulations as a real estate entrepreneur in hopes to help others achieve their financial goals with investing. If you want a blog that has character, is fun to read, and supports the communication of a well-built online community, it’s time to head over to Real Estate In Your Twenties.

FortuneBuilders. The FortuneBuilders blog should act as an investor’s go to source for all things real estate, entrepreneurship, and business. The Fortunebuilders mission is to empower people’s purposes through financial education and this is evident throughout their blog. The FB blog has something for everyone. Looking to build your business from scratch as a beginner investor? FB has you covered. Are you a seasoned investor who’s ready to enhance your exit strategies and diversify your portfolio? FB has you covered. One of the blog’s best features is it’s infographic category, which delivers helpful information in a creative format.

Mobile Home Investing. If you’re looking to specialize your niche, it’s time to start following the Mobile Home Investing Blog, which answers every question you’ve ever had about mobile homes, modular homes, and manufactured homes – bet you didn’t even know there was a difference between the three! While this niche is extremely specific, it can be helpful for investors who want to make a name for themselves in their market. Discover the opportunity of mobile home investing with John.

The Penny Hoarder. While not necessarily investing specific, the Penny Hoarder blog is a great source of information for all things finance and savings. This blog is perfect for millennial investors who need advice on how to get started saving money and investing in real estate. Learn about the hottest side gigs, ways to make money while sitting on your couch, and how to buy (healthy) food on a budget. If you are looking for a blog to follow regularly (The Penny Hoarder has new content added every day) that is fun, easy to read, and has a variety of perspectives, subscribe today!

Than Merrill. Than Merrill is a successful investor, entrepreneur, public speaker, author, TV star, retired NFL player, and Yale graduate – You could say this guy does it all. Merrill founded Fortunebuilders, the premier real estate investing education company, and shares his tips, advice, and more on his blog. If you’re ever looking for some inspiration, Merrill explains how to change your mindset to achieve success. If you’re looking for ways to boost your business, Merrill has tips on everything from bandit sign marketing, to direct mail marketing. The Than Merrill blog is sure to help take your business to the next level.

Reading real estate blogs is a great way to educate yourself on a regular basis. The only way to stay ahead of the competition is to be aware of the constant changes in the industry and to act on those changes. Get started by following one of these blogs today!

Did we miss one of your favorite real estate blogs? Let us know in the comments below: